1955 LaSalle Sedan


1955 LaSalle Sedan




The 1955 LaSalle Roadster is just weeks away from completion and Joe Bortz recently visited Marty Martino to see how the restoration was coming and was very happy with the progress that Marty has made and the car is looking great!  Watch for the video of the update of the 1955 LaSalle Roadster restoration coming soon.




With the Roadster nearing completion we are starting to get excited about the 1955 LaSalle Sedan beginning the restoration process!  It will be so great to see both the 1955 LaSalle Sedan & Roadster together in restored condition.




The 1955 LaSalle sedan is the last car from the ‘Great Warhoops Find of 1988’ and has begun the long and arduous process of restoration.  The first stop of the journey was to The Vair Ship where the multi-skilled Larry Claypool has undertaken the task of sorting out the 1955 LaSalle Sedan, especially the steering and brake system.  Larry’s forte is making parts that are no longer available for Corvairs.  However, Larry’s skills came in handy when he recreated a missing brake drum for the sedan.  What surprised us was how great the sedan looked after Larry’s thorough sorting out of the car. 




Once the car was unburied from the corner of one of the Bortz Auto Collection garages we discovered that the sedan is surprisingly in tact for having been abandoned in the Warhoops Salvage Yard in Sterling Heights, MI for over 30 years and then left to gather dusk in a far corner of the Bortz Auto Collection garage. 




After many, many years the sedan proves that it still maintains the mystique of the Motorama Days!  Larry and his buddies from the Frankfort Car Club were busy identifying interesting design cues that had lain dormant for over a half of a century. 




The stainless plating trim on the seats and doorsills and other exterior and interior parts is still surprisingly bright!  Most of the photos in the video were taken in February 2012 along with some Warhoops and General Motors Motorama factory photos. 




Hope you enjoy the video of the 1955 LaSalle Sedan.




If you have any questions or would like additional photos of either the 1955 LaSalle Roadster or the 1955 LaSalle Sedan kindly call Joe Bortz at 847-668-2004.




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