1977 AMC AM Van Concept at Kenosha History Museum

AM VAN AmVanKenosha1

1977 AMC AM Van at Kenosha County Historical Society

Curator Don Shepard has done an amazing job of setting up the AMC display at the Kenosha County Historical Society located at 220-51st Place, Kenosha, WI  262-654-5770.  Joe and I drove up to Kenosha to see the display and Joe was so pleased to see his 1977 AMC AM Van out for public display.  The AM Van has only been shown three times in the last three decades and the public’s response has been overwhelming.  It seems that this showing was way over due.  Many of the former employees of the AMC Kenosha UAW Local 72 are going to be having a reunion day on July 24, 2014 and have invited Joe to attend and to talk with the attendees about his 1977 AMC AM Van and to share stories with the employees.  You can contact Jeff Schenning 262-818-7720 for more information on this event.

Mike Spangler who is well known for his rare AMC 1971 AMX prototype, which was Richard Teague’s attempt to talk AMC into keeping the AMX a true two-seater, was very instrumental in getting the 1977 AM Van to Kenosha for the display.   

While we were at the Kenosha County Historical Society museum, we were extremely impressed with all of the fascinating displays and we are definitely planning on going back to spend more time viewing all of the displays.  Well worth a trip to Kenosha!!  This area is called Simmons Island and looks like a beautiful area to explore.  We want to take a closer look at the two historic lighthouses, Pierhead Lighthouse known as “Big Red” and Southport Light Station [1866] on our next visit. There is also a historic Beach House that is listed on the National Register. It’s a Tudor Revival structure at 5001 Simmons Island. The building is made of concrete, brick, slate and wood. 

Since it was lunch time we stopped at the Breakwater Bar & Grill, which was across the street from the museum.  We were the first customers of the day and we had a beautiful view on the patio and the food was delicious and also creative!  I had the beef and pancetta burgerGround sirloin with Caramelized Onions, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pancetta, fresh Spinach and stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese.  OH MY GOSH, totally blew my diet but it was so worth it!!  I would make the drive to Kenosha for this hamburger alone!!! 

If you get a chance, take a drive up to Kenosha to view the beautiful lake front on Simmons Island and enjoy all the interesting sites!

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